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Rebels Auto Glass Makes Your Car Look Great with Window Tinting

Making your car look visually better is the main reason that people choose to get their windows tinted, but there are many benefits to having it added to your car whether it is brand new or you’ve had it for a few years.

Window tinting

Benefits of Window Tinting

Getting window tinting added to your car or truck can help save on energy by decreasing the need for air condition by reducing interior heat. And not having to use your air conditioning can help save you money on gas and increase your mileage. It also reduces the amount of interior fading, giving your seats, carpets and dash a much longer life with less need for replacement.

You can also count on higher safety with window tinting. The ceramic tint we use can block-out up to 99% of harmful UV rays from the sun. This is great news for people you have to travel in their car for work and spend most of the time driving. Your tint will act as a “sunscreen” and will protect your skin and eyes from the sun. It will also help block out the glare from the sun that your visor can’t always reach. Allowing you to fully see in front you and make driving safer.

Car window tiniting

Window Tinting Services from Rebels Auto Glass

Rebels Auto Glass wants to help you gain all these benefits above by offering quality window tinting at our shop in Chandler. Our window tinting services for your vehicle are below:

  • Full windshield: $150.00
  • Tint strip / visor: $40.00
  • Whole car: $300.00-$500.00
  • Film removal: $60 per hr (Price is per 15 minute intervals)

Ceramic Window Film

Our highly qualified installation team has decided to use ceramic window film as our choice for your window coverings. This type of film offers a clearer coat giving you a better vision at day and night. It is also not metal based, which allows for better performing GPS, cell phone and radio service. It’s also shatter-proof, making it the safer option should you ever get into an accident.

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