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Chips and cracks may seem like a minor or simple cosmetic issue, but the truth is that the windshield is crucial to the structural integrity of your vehicle and is especially important should you experience a rollover accident. Let our experts at Rebels Auto Glass give you an honest assessment of the damage and help you decide whether it needs to be replaced, especially if it could threaten you and your family's safety.

You should replace your auto glass when the crack:

  • Impairs automated driving sensors
  • Penetrates from the outer to inner layer
  • Is bigger than about 14 inches or a chip bigger than about 3 inches
  • Is in the line of view of the driver or extends to the edge of the windshield

If you are not sure if your crack or chip requires a full replacement, call us at (480) 267-4652 to schedule an appointment with one of our technicians.

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